Empower your people and company to thrive and adapt to the future.


The intersection of nature and nurture.

Who you are today is based on the emergence of your behavior, genetic makeup and life experiences. Emergenetics is an assessment tool based on psychometric research and behavioral studies developed to help businesses and individuals harness their potential, by providing a distinct view into what makes each person tick.

Built around seven Attributes, the Emergenetics Profile provides the blueprint to achieve greater self-awareness, enhance communication and build more productive workplaces.

Through the Emergenetics Profile and companion Mobile App, individuals and businesses are equipped with:

  • Actionable and strategic insights for day-to-day and business situations
  • Insights into your profile and building relationships and teams
  • Profile comparisons and team dynamics tools to identify cognitively diverse or uniform teams
  • Methodologies to perform better through increased awareness of strengths and blind spots

Certified Emergenetics Associates

Our team at Emerging Journey Asia includes Certified Emergenetics Associates who hold the rights for delivering Emergenetics assessments and Train the Trainer courses in Malaysia and Brunei.

Become A Certified Associate

By becoming a Certified Emergenetics Associate, you gain the tools you can use to:

  • Empower individuals with self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness
  • Build stronger teams using cognitive diversity to improve collaboration, communication and productivity
  • Transform organisations by connecting assessment outcomes to team performance and workplace culture
  • Shape leaders and managers by grounding your consultation and coaching in their Emergenetics preferences