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At EJAsia, we believe strongly in “Inside-Out Growth”. Over time, as we face different challenges that life throws our way, many people and organisations lose their sense of identity and purpose as they grow. We help people reconnect with their true identities, discover their purpose, and thrive, through an inside-out approach. On an organisational level, we help organizations drive sustainable growth by building culture from within.

We apply innovative and result-oriented approaches to support personal growth and mental wellness through psychological approaches. Customisation and technology play a key role in delivering our suite of services and solutions to help people and organisations overcome their challenges.

EJA Value

EmpathyTo sense and relate to other’s emotions

JoyTo pursue meaning and contentment in the work that we do

AttitudeTo adopt a progressive outlook that improves ourselves and those around us

SynergyTo identify and work with the strengths of others

IntegrityTo guide our tasks with honesty and high moral standards

AppreciativeTo recognise the efforts and contributions of each other

EJAsia Dynamic & Diverse Team

Dato' Mirnawan Nawawi
Executive Director

Dr. Sangeeta Kaur
Managing Director

Dato' Dr. Haji Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah

Dr. Nashruddin Idris

Dr. Amer Siddiq
Advisor & Consultant

Dr Alizi Alias
Organizational Psychologist

Melinda U
Head of Engagement

Albert Koo
Head of Legal