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Training and Workshops

One of our key services we provide our clients with is training and workshops across a wide range of talent wellbeing and development topics. These include:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

While physical health is prevalent, mental health is just as important. Mental health concerns our psychological, emotional and social well-being. Mental health influences how we feel, think and act, and is crucial whether you’re a toddler, an adolescent, or an adult.

Mental and physical health both have a strong influence on overall wellbeing. A sedentary lifestyle could lead to physical health problems just as easily as depression could make individuals more susceptible to physical health problems, though the latter is not as widely acknowledged. Hence it is crucial to look after your mental health.

To support this, we offer both human-driven, face-to-face coaching and counselling, as well as a tech-augmented digital service solution that delivers support and empowerment for mental health and wellbeing.

We connect members of the public with trained professionals to support their mental health, emotional wellbeing, and career development. This includes counsellors, psychologists, coaches, mental health, and public health practitioners, to support their personal needs.


In the food and beverage sector, what sets your service apart from your competitors lies in hospitality. Hospitality, in its purest form, is the relationship between a guest and a host. It is the interactions of receiving guests with a form of goodwill to convey a sense of welcome, comfort and shelter.

Today, the hospitality industry focuses on products and services geared around supporting the wellbeing of people and delivering enjoyable and memorable experiences. To help prepare your business for the hospitality industry, our face-to-face training and digital platform offers training programs and certification pathways to upskill your employees to help them create lasting memories for your customers.


Industry 4.0 refers to the new Industrial Revolution that emphasizes big data, automation and interconnectivity. The industries of tomorrow will require a very different skill set from the businesses of today and yesterday. As the world becomes increasingly digitised, those who stand to benefit the most are those who are equipped to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We provide training for individuals of all ages, from youth to retirees. Whether you are picking it up as a hobby or looking to make a career transition into digital services, we provide online courses that will help you meet your personal goals.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

Occupational safety and health pertains to safety, health and welfare issues at a workplace. OSH encompasses guidelines, standards and regulations that are devised to make the workplace a better working environment for workers, customers and other stakeholders.

OSH is often taken for granted, though is no less quintessential than other aspects of the workplace. It safeguards operations that enables businesses to operate with a peace of mind, which consequently translates to a good business reputation and brand.

Our training programs are delivered by trainers accredited under a range of Malaysian and international OSH certification programs, including Vision Zero, and certifications offered by CIDB Holdings and DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia).

Essential Skills (Customer Service, Human Capital, Leadership, Communication)

We believe that no product or service alone can sell on its own. Vital skills within an organisation are needed to enable a business to set itself apart from the rest of the field. We believe these skills involve excellent customer service, development of human capital, visionary leadership and effective communication, and our coaching lessons, online or in-person, can help you attain these skills.

Customer Service

Customer Service is the bridge between customers of a product or service and the company that sells it. EJA offers training in customer service so that your business can leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Human Capital

Human capital is the ability to generate value that is possessed by individuals through intangible assets such as knowledge, skills and experience. EJA can help you to realise not only your potential and capabilities, but also that of your employees to add further value to your organisation.


Leadership is the ability of an individual or group of individuals to organise and devote resources to achieving a desired goal. These resources could comprise physical resources such as materials or cash as well as non-material resources such as effort and ingenuity. EJA can you help become the leader you envision to be, whether it is to lead yourself or your organisation.


Communication is the conduit by which information is shared to build relationships and create value for external users including customers and other stakeholders. Communication comprises empathetic conversations with employees as well as in marketing to customers. EJA can provide you with the tools and training needed to better empathise with your various stakeholders.